PCT Day 5

Day 5: started the day in kind of a shitty mood. Sometimes you don’t know or understand why, but I just was. Until I came across the most beautiful meadows, there was tons of greenery, trees, and flowing water! Today was the day my shin splints started to flare up. My left foot was in a lot of pain and swollen. But me being me I just kept going. I wanted to make it to Warner Springs so hiked 22 miles to get there. On the way I passed the 100 mile marker!!! I was stoked, I had never walked that many miles before. As I continued walking I knew there was another marker to look for. The popular Eagle Rock. It was really awesome! As soon as I got to WS there was a big circle of people. They asked if I was hiker trash and invited me over. It was 4/20 so they were having a ceremony, and all dressed in weird clothes. One guy was even in a suit. Apparently the community center had loaner clothes so everyone got to dress funny. I stayed just a couple minutes and couldn’t remember everyone’s name except Niko and Young Bacon because we became friends. At WS I enjoyed my first shower and laundry. Both done by buckets of water! But it was heavenly and so simple. I liked it. I headed to dinner with a man named Tom. He is 57, former military man, and has 3 kids. It was really cool to talk and hear why he was doing this. I still wonder what happened to him? That’s just a part of the trail. You never know when it will be the last time you see someone.



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