PCT Day 6

Day 6: I am going to back track to yesterday again because I forgot to mention some important things! At a water source, basically a trough of cold water and luckily lots of shade, I hung out for a couple hours to eat and cool down. While there I met some really awesome cool people, Scotty, I saw Moritz again, and Lake was also there. What stood out about this break was that Lake and I had a competition. Neither of us had poop shovels but someone had left theirs. So we decided to see which would dig a cat hole faster? The shovel or a rock. Step 1: find a rock, which he did in 2 seconds. Step 2: 3,2,1 go…..the rock was fated for sure. Good thing I didn’t bring one….what a waste of weight haha. Ok back to day 6. Woke up among many other hikers camped out on the lawn of the community center. I didn’t sleep great because it was so noisy with people being up all night. After sitting for a bit I ran into Moritz, Megan, Prince, Zephyr, and Calvin. We waited literally over an hour for our breakfast, but the waitress offered free beers as an apology so that was cool. Then we headed back to the community center for people to resupply and get their boxes. I cannot forget that Calvin had birthday cake Oreos! They were seriously heaven in my mouth. It was like funfetti cake! As a large group we decided to head out and just hike 3 miles to the creek past Warner Springs to get away from the madness. On the way we took a wrong turn, but it showed us a beautiful independent coyote in the middle of a field. If I remember right it was me, Megan, Moritz, Zephyr, Young Bacon, Niko, and Hummingbird. Hummingbird is this hysterically awesome girl who packed so much food. She “cooked” a mix for dinner but didn’t add enough water. It was so funny to watch her hate every bite or dry potatoes. But she wasn’t wanting to add more water because it’d increase the volume of the food! We hung at the creek for a bit soaking our feet, and me my shin which was killing me, in the cold water and chatting about life before heading back up to the campground and making a fire. I was already falling in love with the people I was meeting.



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