PCT Day 7

Day 7: woke up at our campsite and headed out for the day. Planned to hike and try to get lunch at the trail angel Mikes Place. Apparently, there were rumors of wood fired pizza ❤️❤️. I walked a bit of the morning with Moritz, on the trail we picked up a hat we found and carried it with the plan to ask anyone we passed if it was theirs. Not too much later we cross a creek and Ben was there. We just kept walking after saying hi. It was a short while after when we realized it was Bens hat. But we were too far ahead at this point to just turn around, and found out he back tracked to find his hat. We felt horrible! (After chatting with Ben awhile after this he had back tracked multiple miles and ended up buying a new hat). Later as I’m walking alone I get passed by Nick and Prince, they were literally like running. But walking and talking. I did not understand how they could move so quickly. At this point I was struggling. Every step hurt. I had to stop numerous times to try and stretch and take breaks for my shin. Getting closer to Mikes I run into Prince who is sitting in the shade on a rock. He apparently ran out of water. So I shared some then we headed to Mikes where no pizza was found. It’s a grungy place…but one good thing came from Mikes. My trail name EXPRESS❤️❤️, thanks to Z, Moritz, and Lake!! We decided to leave the possible meth lab property and hiked 10 more grueling miles uphill to our campsite near a stream. I was beat and the only thing that got me there was my friends. My trail fam was officially developing.



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