PCT Day 17

Day 17: crazy day trying to get back to the trail. The stress of towns sucks. Especially bigger ones where you have to walk tons of miles just to get your resupply instead of resting. It takes all day. I couldn’t wait to get back on the trail. I’m sick of being in town and eating all of this shit food. I feel bad. We got a hitch in the afternoon then Me, Megan, Moritz, Zephyr, and Simon hiked 2.5 miles to camp. A near-0. There was a weird toilet at the camp just surrounded by broken wood. We sat and ate dinner, which I wasn’t hungry because we barely hiked. Simon ate a Simon bomb, mashed potatoes, ramen, and tuna. How does he eat so much??!! Amazing. My goal for this coming week is to pace more and not rush. Because why rush? There’s no real point to that. I need to enjoy this experience.



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