PCT Day 18

Got up and hiked out. Not sure if Simon would be able to keep up with the higher miles due to some knee issues. We all have our shit that comes off and on. It’s funny what our bodies go through when we’re trying to adapt to this new strenuous lifestyle. Today I thought Of lots of random thoughts. How many calories do I actually burn a day? Can I put a Toyota engine in a VW van? Would a van get me up big mountains? I enjoyed hiking solo today, but was so happy to meet up with my trail fam to eat and finish up the 21 mile day. We got to camp super early like 3:30. Unfortunately it was really hot so we didn’t want to sit in the sun and in the shade there were a ton of bugs. Just chillin and reading a little then we started questioning things. Like how far do ants travel a day? What are they doing? We wondered this because we were watching a line of ants work back and forth for as long as we could see. We couldn’t find the end. So Zephyr pulled up a Radiolab podcast on ants and we learned a ton of info about them. Like a majority come from Argentina and have spread all over creating massive colonies. They even fight each other to the death. They can sense when one is not from their colony and they fight. There’s a place in San Diego in a driveway where you can see “thousands of dead bodies” from the fighting. Fascinating. Our camp had a beautiful view. I love my trail fam so much, they’re so funny. Also, an important question came up. Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?



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