PCT Day 19

Day 19: today had to be one of the hottest yet. I usually don’t mind the heat but I sat at a creek and swam and hung out in the shade for over 3 hours during the heat of the day. I hiked alone basically all morning, and tried my best to just breathe and meditate as I walked. I’m bummed that it’s been almost 3 weeks and spiritually/emotionally nothing has come up. At 16 miles for the day I stopped at a creek where there was shade and lots of other hikers hanging out to get away from the heat. The creek was beautiful with a small fall and big swim pool. Before I jumped in I wanted to go to the bathroom and with so many people around it was hard. Finally I found a space by some rocks, and pulled my pants down, and heard a rattle! It terrified me. I jumped and pulled my pants off, and didn’t have to pee anymore. Went for a swim and met Lt. Dan from Israel, and Em and Lou from Australia. They were eating like real food. Like avocado and hummus! I was so envious and amazed by them. It looked so good! Lots of other hikers were passing to get to the hot springs. It was too hot I didn’t care. And as we walked by We saw it was a huge party, glad to have skipped it. Went with the fam to hike to camp, we stopped a little short at a dope campsite that was basically our own private beach. We had to do a steep walk down to it but not bad at all. We were surrounded by sand, water, rocks, and graffiti. Why? Why do people destroy nature? At camp I didn’t really feel like eating I think the heat got to me and I was a little sick from it.’h2019rise18


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