PCT Day 20

Day 20: woke up at 5:50am and headed out from our camp. After shuffling up from our site and getting back on the trail I overall just felt annoyed. But then after walking to the dam and crossing a thigh high level river, there was so much beauty to be seen. A beautiful mystical fairyland. Everyday is beautiful but sometimes you just want some new scenery. You could smell the fresh water, tons of greenery and shade!! I wanted to spend more time there but anticipated the heat coming later so wanted to keep moving while it was cooler. After awhile and being heavily exposed to sun, and talking to Megan about wanting fruit. I walk up to Moritz, Harry and Knolle, and a couple eating fruit from a cooler! Trail magic! I literally ran with my pack o back to Megan to tell her! Unfortunately I only got 1 strawberry and zucchini but it was still amazing. Thank you 👏🏽. During the AM I noticed a crow perched on a tree limb. How amazing they can fly so far, and where ever by want whenever they want. But so often I see them just observing. Utter stillness and presence. I really respect that. Walking we turned a corner and bam there’s a fucking Lake! So amazing! It was beautiful. Boats on the water, people swimming. Me, Meg, and Moritz headed down to a picnic table and stopped for lunch. Afterwards walking I saw the cutest baby skunk right off the trail. Like a baby baby skunk. So tiny. I wanted to pick it up and take it into town to a wildlife shelter but my friends said no. We continued walking towards a camp where you can actually get pizza delivered! We showed up and it was apparently reserved out, the whole park….so we back tracked to an equestrian camp to stay for the night. We decided not to get pizza, and Zephyr ended up showing up and just received some Trail magic tacos..I always miss the big trail magic. Then worst thing ever..I asked Z about the skunk, if he saw it. His response “oh the dead one” I could have cried right then. I could have Saved it. Poor skunk. It’s all I thought about the rest of the night.



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