PCT Day 21

Day 21: so randomly on the trail we walk near or across highways. And in 12.5 miles we are at the highway exit where a hiker famous McDonald’s is located. As hikers, food rules everything. Our thoughts, focus, drive, etc. any food that isn’t hiker food in your bag is like gold. It was a mellow hike down to Cajon Pass, but actually pretty chilly and misty. A fog layer was consistent. I was sooo excited for McD’s and I hate that place! But food! and a coffee! I thought the trail would help me heal my bad relationship with food, but it also seems worse now because I can’t quit obsessing over it. On the walk I decided I’m saying Fuck it and just eating whatever I want now instead of always restricting myself. Got to mcD’s and it was the most expensive thing ever! WTF! What happened to a dollar menu? It was like $3 for just an egg and cheese McMuffin. Stupid. I refused to spend more money there. But Meg bought us some cookies, we drank coffee and sat in the warmth watching hikers go back up to the line again and again not able to fill their stomachs with food. Bottomless pits we’ve become. We soon headed to Subway so Moritz and I can get veggie sandwiches since we don’t eat meat. The date today is May 5, Cinco de Mayo so the crew bought beers to take into the trail to celebrate, but I didn’t. We headed back out in a light rain, my green poncho flying all over the place. This thing sucks, I freaking want just a normal jacket. It just blows up into my face and I can’t figure out how to get in on by myself. We hiked 5 miles to a spot with lots of others to camp right when the rain really started coming down. Moritz and Z hung out in Moritz tent and drank their beer and lime and Megs had Hers. Tent tecates! It was funny we all had to hang in our tents due to the rain and when we’d hear new people come we’d pop our head out of the tents and ask “who’s out there” haha. Today a question entered my head, am I hiking my own hike?d21des21sign21


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