PCT Day 22

Day 22: Week 3? Already? I got almost emotional thinking about it. Why is it going by so fast? Craziness. Today was brutal, but the most beautiful day yet. Didn’t start until later than usual, 7am, but we had 22 miles to get to Wrightwood and about a 5,000 foot climb. T rained on us all night, and continued to rain, and sleet and snow at the higher elevations. Luckily we camped where we did Tapeworm told us it got down to 17-18 degrees at the top last night. A snow storm was coming in so I played no games. I hiked the 22 miles straight only stopping a couple of times to go to the bathroom. I knew in the morning I wasn’t going to want to stop so I pre-made a PB tortilla wrap to eat later. I hiked most of the day alone, from what I can remember. Following Moritz footsteps and knowing Megan and Zeph were a little behind me. It’s so funny how we all came to recognize each other’s foot prints. In the early afternoon I ate my wrap and continued walking. It was so beautiful. Walked through inches of snow, through anmount22snow22wood22d under ski lifts, lots of pine trees with snow lightly covering them. Then I passed through a Burn area which have a certain energy to them, but this was so different since it was covered by fog and snow. I knew I was getting close to the road and started walking faster. I was crashing. I had been cold all morning and had barely eaten anything. Colin down the hill I could hear the cars and there it finally was! I stood for awhile trying to get a hitch but no luck. Then Megan came down the hill and within a couple minutes 2 kind women picked us up. One worked in Mojave which would be a town we’d be at soon. They dropped us at the hardware store and we called around to trail angels trying to find a place to stay. But every hiker was staying in town due to the storm. And now it was coming down hard! I haven’t seen it snow that hard in many years. Moritz met us at the store and brought us literally the best veggie pizza I’ve ever eaten. Then us 3 headed to a bar to meet Tapeworm, and Z came soon after. Tapeworm offered to let us stay in his room. The owner didn’t like it and made us pay extra, he was rude. Wrightwood is such a beautiful town. Small and quaint And everything is in walking distance! The people are beautiful and look at us hikers as heroes in a weird way. They’re so supportive and surprised by what we have accomplished so far. 350 miles of 2,650. After settling in, showering, and watching some tv we headed to Mexican food. It was amazing I had the best vegan burrito. Any burrito filled with French fries is to die for. And all my loves were there. Prince, Lone Wolf, Hummingbird, Simba, Emi, and Russ. So nice to see them. (And literally right now today I am missing them tons, so rare to find such beautiful people)


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