PCT Day 23

Woke up and went to the bakery with Meg and had the most delicious cinnamon roll ever, and a bfast burrito. After we headed to the store and found Calvin! We sat with him and the guys and ate ice cream before heading out at 12. Our hitch was hilarious, so hyper and happy. She was sweet. Then we headed up to the summit of Baden Powell. Another snowy mountain in the desert. The way up was pretty great. I crushed the switch backs and slowed a bit on the snow but Made it up. There was no trail in the snow just footprints to follow, some that led to nowhere. At the top I met up with the gang. It was cold and windy but a nice couple was there for the day and offered us their hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps!! After the summit it was all downhill. Literally and figuratively. The guys took off as they are good with the snow but Meg and I are a bit slower. I fell about 4x today and one was off the side and I had to use my trekking pole to stop from sliding and climb back up. Literally 20 sec after I got up I heard something behind me and Meg fell in the exact spot. She couldn’t get back up so slid down until a rock stopped her, then we found a path to be able to use branches to get back to the trail. We’re both annoyed and I’m doubting myself. Am I even athletic? Why am I so bad at 23bcrew23tree23this? Can I make it through the sierras? I don’t think I can. I don’t know if I can finish the trail. Why are the damn trees dumping snow on us? I’m sick of being cold and wet this isn’t fun. It’s dumb. Why am I out here? We got to Little Jimmy CG and everyone I Love was there but I was in no mood I just wanted to eat and be warm in my tent. But I hung by the fire with everyone for a bit feeling bad for being so negative. Today there were lots of doubts. Am I ready for this battle? This is so much more mental than physical, I see that now. What if I can’t finish? It’s supposed to rain more tomorrow….UGGGHHH. And there’s supposedly lots of bears around here, I hope none come.


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