PCT Day 24

clouds24day24Day 24: above the clouds! Today was much better I got up and ate a donut I brought from the bakery for breakfast! Best idea ever! Then headed off, it was cold and I worried about slipping more but soon the snow was gone from the trail as I headed down to the road. Finally, just walking again. Today was just 24 miles because of a fire closure not allowing camping I knew I had to camp at a ranger station at mile 436. I was in a much better place today as I got to hike above the clouds, listening to Nahko. It was mystical and beautiful. I met Crusher, from Tx on the way to water. Super cool dude! At H20 the rests of the fam made it there and we hung out, and the talenti cup came very useful at this trickling water source!! Met Dash at the water, this is where I first remember meeting him, and Tapeworm was there too. And we finally got Zeph his trail name! Trash bag, no wait what if you’re at the bar talking to a girl and someone yells “HEY TRASH BAG” haha no bueno, good save Tapeworm. So we changed it to Hefty! We were cracking up!!! This came because he was carrying multiple trash bags in his pack. As a liner and giant food bag. And he’s really skinny so it made it funny ironic. Kept on cruising to camp where we had a fun tent city. The whole gang was there, Em and Lou showed up at dinner and we sat at a table cold chatting before all drifting off to sleep in our warm bags ready to get to get to the Sauffleys place, Hiker heaven tomorrow ❤️❤️ only 18 miles!


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