PCT Day 25

Day 25: Woke up at 6am and started the 18 mile hike to Hiker Heaven. But at 9am I did something very unusual. I stopped and took a 45 min rest and decided to eat “lunch”. That way I didn’t have to stop again before getting to town. Hummus and spinach wrap! So good!! The next and last 10 miles were brutal. It was really hot and I so badly just wanted to be there. I took off on the uphill and just decided to race against myself. I was craving a cold Gatorade so bad. Ran, literally, on the massive downhill to Vasquez Rocks. They’re famous for being in movies but I didn’t care at all. I was ready to be done!!! I had a bit of a road walk into town which seemed crazy long, but finally I found a small convenience store and got a Gatorade and Pineapple Coconut popsicle. Heaven! Stats came up a few min after and we headed to walk the extra bit to H.H. But local Jim was too the rescue. He was sitting eating with some friends and offered us a ride of his tractor. Hell yes! And then we were there! We opened the gate and there were teepees and dogs, and horses, and chickens. Literally heaven. The garage was stacked with organized resupply boxes. One teepee had computers and internet stuff, one awesome loaner clothes for us to wear while they do our laundry. The back yard was massive. Tents scattered as well as small trailers. Soon all my friends were there with me. Meg, Hefty, Moritz, Crusher, Emi and Russ, Prince, Meatbolt and more. And got to know Tim and Freckles a little more at dinner! Now going to sleep looking at the big beautiful moon ❤️



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