PCT Day 26

Day 26: hiker heaven= AMAZING! It’s so beautiful how kind people are to us for no reason other than they want to share love and give. I am so beyond grateful and can’t wait to be a trail angel in the coming years. But today was rough, literally felt worse than maybe I ever have in my life from eating too damn much. Me and the gang had quite the bfast feast. A $2.50 apple pie from Meg, Cinnamon rolls from Hefty, Lemon pound cake from me, cookies with fudge from the hiker box…I think that’s it. Yea I ate like 2 pieces of pie, a cinnamon roll, a few cookies, and basically the entire pound cake because it’s so good and nobody else eats it! I felt sick all day. While the fam had pizza I struggled sitting in the restaurant trying to not get sick. And instead of taking a ride back to the house I had to walk. Why did I do that? Also, I don’t want to say much because it’s not my business to tell online but it is funny how as hikers we become totally comfortable talking about our poops with each other even while eating 😂. Today I also learned Calvin, Twister, got into medical school! So I made him a card and got him a big slice of Tiramisu I’m so happy for him. He got his name from the day I did my big 29 miles with Moritz. He was camping with Hefty and Meg and Simon, when his tent literally blew away from the wind. They all had to go searching for it and found it, torn up. 😢 but it made for a good story! When we got back the gang packed up to leave but I had to stay and wait for a care package from my PCT mentor and good friend Halle. I hated having to wait behind but it ended up being so worth it. She got me so many amazing things! Homemade cowboy cookies, best things ever! Yogurt pretzels, D. Choc almonds and espresso beans. Nut butters. Ahh so thankful. But now my pack is really fucking heavy because I already resupplied so I have double the food I need. But I paid for this food so I’m not tossing it. So I packed up and headed out. I didn’t plan to go far, just get to a campsite. But me being me I went 8 miles hiking into the dark. I had really been wanting to camp alone and Meg and I had talked about it. Apparently I passed them while hiking and didn’t see them but she was kind enough to let me go to camp solo. Such a good friend ❤️. Except some guy ended up camping right next to me..oh what the PCT teaches you.



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