PCT Day 27

Day 27: 24 miles from Hiker Heaven is another trail angels house a few miles off trail, Casa De Luna, or the Andersons. Rumor has it it’s quite the party but we receive our official 2017 PCT bandanas there. I walked the 16 miles to the Andersons, not realizing I had passed Meg and Moritz so I was trying to catch them. I was walking to the road and in front of me was a guy and a kid, I “casually” cruised behind them hoping they’d be leaving and would give me a ride. When I got to the road Em and Lou were there packing their things into his car. So I went up and asked if I could join, and we all hopped in and headed to Casa De Luna. When we got there I felt a little off. I didn’t know anyone, my friends weren’t there. And I wasn’t too sure how I felt about the energy of the place. It’s just a house that we can’t go in, with couches in the drive way, portapotties in the street. People drinking and smoking. A shower that’s just a wooden square. A hanging line with tons of Hawaiian shirts that we were supposed to wear. But then someone showed me where we can camp it was like a mystical fairyland. Painted rocks everywhere you turned with beautiful trees and greenery surrounding everything. And nestled between trees perfect 1 person campsites all over. I set up my tent then grabbed one of the bikes and headed to the cafe to eat. I had a big sandwich and the best waffle fries before heading back. When I went back to my tent I heard familiar voices! Em and Lou, Tim and Freckles, and Moritz were all hanging out! I was so happy, and that’s when I found out I was in front of them. I thought they maybe ended up skipping the house and kept walking. Relieved I went back to the cafe with Moritz Tim and Freckles. I didn’t eat but just enjoyed their great company. Soon I saw Meg, then Dash, then Strider and Snorkel. And the gang was here! I helped cooked the massive taco salad dinner with Snorkel and Strider, which meant we got first dibs!! Chips topped with beans, quest, sour cream, tomatoes, jalapeños. So good and we could eat as much as we wanted! Later in the night it came time to get our bandanas. And we had to dance for them! It was hysterical watching everyone bust a move Some people really went for it! I had a blanket wrapped around me and Can’t Touch This was on. So at the right moment I went into the circle, dropped the blanket and did the type writer. Then we just kept dancing for a bit, it was keeping us warm, and most people were drunk! We then stood in front of the garage door where we signed a big sheet and took a group photo, if anyone has it please post it! We all smiled and laughed as we unexpectedly got mooned by Terri, the angel. She wAs a riot. She would spank us if we put our plates over the pots as we filled them with food. And danced, she was awesome! It was a good night filled with memories I will never forget.

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