PCT Day 28

Day 28: I woke up and had a bunch of pancakes that Terri made the hikers. Fully carbed up and ready to go! Little foot was giving rides back to the trail and we hopped in. Planned for a short 20 mile day since we started later than usual. The day overall had a lot of elevation gain, it wasn’t necessarily hard but just consistently there. Ate lunch with some beautiful people, my fam plus Dash, Freckles, and Tim, on a dirt road. I used all my battery up and spent a long time trying to find a way to listen to the Warriors play off game. I hate missing these games. But we always seem to be leaving the day they play or arriving to town the day after. I wrote very little in my journal today and nothing really stands out. Also just wrote it was cold and windy, and a trek to the water from camp.



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