PCT Day 29

Day 29: woke up cold as shit. As we waited for Hefty to get all packed up we decided to be goofy and move around. I started dancing around and doing jumping jacks. Then Hefty joined in and we played ninja! So fun and a good warm up! We got a late start due to the cold and moisture in the air. Why is it so damn cold in the desert? Apparently it’s because there are no plants around to absorb sunlight and retain the heat. So when the sun goes down…so does the temp….dramatically. We began hiking and it decided to hail on us, but before we knew it we were at mile 500!! How? What? How is it going so fast? It’s funny to think how big of a deal it was to hit 100 miles. Now 500?..wow. “But I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more “🎵🎶19 miles for the day and we hit hiker town. Not sure how to explain it. It’s like a set for a play. Everything has labels on it, even though it’s all just bedrooms. But it was nasty. We saw Striders room and Meg and I knew we weren’t going to stay there. So we headed out and the boys stayed. We didn’t walk far, but far enough away. Walked Past lots of old gadgets and tools just sitting there in the desert. Then there it was, the aqueduct which tomorrow we will be walking along for many many miles. Potentially the most boring part of the trail. Fortunately this part of the aqueduct was not covered so we got to camp next to some nice calm water. It was one of my fave campsites yet. The sunset was unreal beautiful. We sat and enjoyed our waterfront dinner and I had another guest join me, a spider that kept coming around. It was on my stuff, then on my tent. So crazy. I took it as my spirit animal for the moment. It’s all about being creative, patient, and open with your life. We weave on our webs ya know? We create our own destiny.



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