PCT Day 30

Day 30: the aqueduct day! I thought it was going to be a nice mellow day. Easy, flat lands and just road walking. And it was for awhile. Meg went off ahead, her long legs! She can move so fast!!! I listened to some podcasts a @joerogan with Dennis McKenna on physchadelics, and Sam Harris on how social media is literally designed and has specific people who make it so we spend more time on these apps. All these things just competing for our time, and none of them really do us much good. My mind is still always wandering, never silent. It’s been 500 miles and I still don’t really feel like I’m hiking the PCT, when will it? And why is time going so fast?? Ahhh. I don’t want it to end, I love this life with these beautiful people. Well after lunch SHIT GOT REAL! The fucking wind farms happened. Later, we found out we were in the middle of this during a high wind storm. We are near Tehachapi which, along parts of the PCT holds one of the largest wind farms in the country. And we had to walk through a lot of it. It was so annoying, I was getting thrown everywhere. I decided to not even stop for water or to eat, because it wouldn’t have been relaxing. I just have to keep walking and get through this. Sometimes I felt like I wasn’t moving. Then the wind would shift and shove me off the trail. FUCK YOU!!! I kept going through the farm, then up the big ridge and incline to where some trail magic supposedly was, and it’s where I planned to camp. Making this my first 30 mile day!! A big milestone. I passed the water that gave a quick break from the wind and hiked on, the ridge line was still windy but far less than on the desert floor. Finally, made it to mile 549. Camp. And Freckles, Tim, and Dash were there! It was only about 4:30 and they were hiking 8 more miles to get into Tehachapi tonight. The trail magic was just water and chairs. I tried to find a spot in between the Bush to block the wind for my tent. I found a place but it didn’t help much, my poles were bending all over trying to set up. Finally I got it up, then Meg came, then Stats! He did 32 today!!! Amazing. The wind was relentless here at camp. I didn’t sleep even an hour. My tent pushed against me and slapped all night making obnoxious noise. Stats had to get up in the middle of the night to fix his tent because the wind was knocking it down. The winds were around 60mph I think. I didn’t sleep so it seemed pointless to just lay there, but I did. Luckily though. My tent held up. Now only 17.5 miles to Tehachapi and a much needed 0 day.




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