PCT Day 31

Day 31: left this windless hell hole and the cute trail magic set up to head out for Tehachapi. It’s still windy, but now also foggy and cold. I had to wear all of my gear, pants, puffy, gloves, beanie, and even my poncho just for some added warmth. I hiked the initial 8 miles down the mountain to a picnic table and a spot where we could hitch to town if we wanted. Right before was a trail registers, a nice binder you could write the date, your trial name in, and any notes you wanted. I remember Scotty and the Unicorn saying something about the cold dampness, and many others commented on the wind. I struggled to even write my name my hands were so cold. From this spot It’s supposed to be a harder hitch then you have to come back and hike the next 8 miles, so we didn’t plan to hitch from this spot. I stopped at the table to try and eat some breakfast and make hot tea since I was way too cold to earlier. I scattered my tent and fly around on posts to try and let them dry out. T kind of worked I just had to make sure a couple times they weren’t going to fly away. Meg came and we chatted for a bit, then Stats (Moritz) he got his name because this guy knows everything and would always give updates. 8.1m to town…..3m to water. 1,274 ft of elevation gain. And he is the smartest 19 year old on the planet. Hefty was behind us a bit and we took off. Fighting the wind in most of our steps. We looked drunk. We’d walk fine then BAM wind would hit and we’d take a few tripping steps off the trail to try and catch ourselves. Then you’d fight against the wind and itd suddenly stop and you’d fall that way. It was sometimes scary. You’re up high on this ridge with little control. But more fucking windmills, then finally at the top of the hill you can see switch backs going all the way to the road. In my beanie and green poncho I took of running. It helped my knees, it’s faster, and it’s fun. I kept going and going and going and going until I hit the road. Meg told me I look like a samari in my poncho. We walk to the highway and after not too long get a hitch from a nice woman who works for the wind farms. She dropped us at the BBQ joint where they have teepees set up for free Spot to sleep. But they were full. So we ate, best Mac n cheese ever! And headed to the best western to get a room. Not even going to go into the poor customer service we received. Went to get pizza, got some cheap wine from Kmart and went back to the hotel and hug with Freckles, Tim, Dash, and Tapeworm in the hot tub.



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