PCT Day 32-33

Day 32-33. 2, 0 days in a row! So needed and nice. It was amazing to get to resupply and run all the errands one day then just relax the next. I spend the day switching between the hot tub and the cold pool, drinking cheap ass wine from Kmart, out of improper stemware hahahah, inside joke! Then me and the fam enjoyed Guardians Of the Galaxy 2 at the theatre. With lots of popcorn and candy for me!!! Then we headed to meet so many more beautiful people for Thai food for Emi’s birthday celebration. Tehachapi was good, great even, but also sad. The goodbyes were already starting. Had to say goodbye to Snorkel and to Simba who were both heading home for a bit for some family occasions they had to attend. It was hard, and so sad knowing I wouldn’t get the chance to see them more on the trail. They made such a big impact on the first part of my journey.



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