PCT Day 34

Day 34: before leaving Tehachapi I decided that I would change the insoles to my shoes because I was starting to feel every single rock I stepped on. I found some in the hiker box at the hotel and just put them in my shoes and they seem to fit just fine. but when I had the shoes on they felt a little tight, but I went with it. we called the trail angel to take us back to the trail and he took us there and we started walking and for some reason today just felt miserable. my pack felt so heavy everything hurt. my feet started to hurt pretty immediately and I got worried I was going to start getting my first blisters of the trail. over 500 miles in?!? then I kept walking and we had an incline, it was miserable in the moment. just walking and struggling and I finally had to stop to try to take care of my feet to prevent blisters so I lubricated them a little bit and put duct tape over them and kept walking. So strange to have taken a well needed rest and it does not feel like it at all today! I feel too tired to even write. I feel sad today, I miss my friends, my family, my gym, and watching the Warriors. It will pass some times are just harder than others.



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