PCT Day 35

Day 35: miles 588-618. 600 miles? What? Omg less than 100 until the Desert ends and the Sierras begin. How has time gone so fast? I made it a point today to not complain at all, and it was amazing. So simple, but so crucial. Somehow I didn’t see anyone from my group today but got a double dose of trail magic! I met Kate and Dan as they were looking for their friend and helped them with some directions. Then when I was at the water, that was about .3m off trail I saw them again. They found their friend and offered me to come hang out and have beer and ice cream! It was heavenly! Coffee ice cream covered in chocolate with nuts 🤤. After hanging for a bit I headed on for the day trying to complete my miles although I felt wrecked. Due to my blisters I decided to start hiking in my $.99 flip flops I brought for camp shoes. They lasted me 16 of 30 miles, my 2nd 30!, and felt way better than these stupid tight shoes. I also walked 2 miles barefoot. On the walk I found more beer. Win! Grabbed one to go and have with dinner. First real time getting some solid trail magic. The hike sure went good after that ice cream and beer, all felt well in the world. And now tomorrow I only have to do 25 miles! Today I also meditated while walking, time flew by and I loved it, and now I get to camp alone. One of my favorite and appreciated things. More really fun facts from my day. My allergies were booming today and within the first 1.5 hours of hiking I shot 36 snot rockets….I am not ashamed. And yes I counted. It was crazy. Thank goodness for my essential oils to help me out!!! And so now 1 month into the trail and I’m getting my first allergies, blisters, and a little not so fun chaffing…..oh boy. The desert isn’t done with me yet.



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