PCT Day 36

Day 36: I’m tired so I just took photos of my actual written journal from the day. Literally the beach sand was so brutal. My shoes continuously sunk in with every step followed my flinging sand all over myself. My toes were hurting from clinching so bad to keep the shoes on. Also, after the cache which was near a road, left for us hikers due to a long waterless stretch, was a big uphill. And it was my first view of snowy Sierra mountains. But never have I had to ration anything so hard. I was only able to drink 1/3 liter of water every 3 miles and it was insanely hot. I tried sitting and hanging in the shade after lunch for it to cool down, but I was still so thirsty I couldn’t stay. I would have drank all of my water. So I knew I had to walk. That was the only way to get to the water. It was one of the hardest moments of the trail. I have literally never been so thirsty in my life. 


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