PCT Day 37

Day 37: only 8 miles before a quick stop in Ridgecrest. Only Megan and I are heading there to get some packages. The guys are heading forward towards Kennedy Meadows. The 8 miles went blazing fast. They were all downhill and since my shin splints are gone that means I kind of just run. In just over 2 hours I was at Walker Pass. There was some Trail magic there. Someone had left water, some snacks, bread and peanut butter and jelly. And there were a handful of other hikers. A hiker has actually asked a girl he met on tinder to come meet him there and they ended up locking her keys in the car the night before. There’s no service here and they couldn’t get the vehicle open so… it was entertaining and I’m sure their last date! I was a little nervous about meeting Meg here as we haven’t seen each other in over a day so idk where she’s at. But just as soon as Scott, the amazing guy who came up to see if anyone needed rides, got to the pass she showed up. We hopped right in with a large group of hikers. Smushed in a small mini van. First stop was the post office then to the trail angels Erica’s house where we will stay the night. My plan was to get all my Sierra’s gear here because at Kennedy Meadows they charge an extra $6 for every package. So I was planning to get 3. We got to the PO and nope no packages for me here. I didn’t General Delivery my Amazon package so they sent it back. The other, turns out there was an issue with the order of my Whippet so it didn’t get sent. And the other, was there! But as they were searching I turned my phone on and got multiple messages from my family. My Grandma has passed. I immediately started crying in the PO and explained to the lady it wasn’t about the packages. Then I awkwardly reloaded myself into the hiker van and continued crying in front of everyone. Finally we reach Erica’s where I could get to myself and call my family. It was hard and I didn’t know what to do. Tickets were about $1200 and I’d have to leave the trail, right before the Sierras which I couldn’t go through alone. But I want to be with my family. Time to think about it….at least I’m here at Erica’s where I get to be with lots of dogs and baby goats.


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