PCT Day 38

Day 38: Erica was kind enough to offer a morning ride to me and Megan to Wal Mart where we could catch a bus to the Walker Pass CG, the same wal mart as the day before when I bought a lot of discounted glaze donuts 😍😍😍❤️. Unfortunately after she left us she realized she mixed up the timing of the bus, so we hopped back in her car for her to take us to the next small townish area where we could hitch. We stood near a gas station and finally a woman offered us a ride. Her name is Bobby and she actually works at Grumpys restaurant in Kennedy Meadows, our next stop! Saw Emi, Russ, and Snorkel when we got to the trail. Poor Emi has an infected toe so they were heading into town. I knew today would be rough, lots of uphill and it’s hot. I chose not to go to my Gmas funeral, I knew she wouldn’t want me to quit my journey so I planned to give a ceremony for her on the mountain. On the uphill I cried a few times just realizing the truth of what had happened. She lived life purely and was always so happy just to be around family and friends. She was so filled with love. On the uphill I looked up at one point and I saw and felt her there with me. The yellow flowers and tall grass were flowing beautifully from the wind. And I felt her again in the wind, helping me and pushing me uphill. I ran into Hefty after a bit, then took off again just wanting to be alone. While at a creek for lunch and water I picked and put together a bunch of wildflowers and thought of my Grandma. And in that moment peace came over me. I was planning to meet Hefty and Meg at a campsite but after waiting for a bit and not seeing them I hiked to another campsite at the top of the peak. Better views. And it was beautiful but oh so windy. Luckily this time I was able to find a spot behind some thick bush and trees that perfectly protected me all night. I didn’t want to camp alone tonight but Now i see it’s just what I need.



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