PCT Day 39

Day 39: I enjoyed camping alone last night. It was so nice to mediate and relax. I woke up this morning and immediately started hiking without eating breakfast. But stopped around 9am to enjoy some coffee and poptarts. Took another break at 9am then a couple hour siesta at lunch. So weird for me to break so much but today I really wanted it. I waited near a creek in the shade for Meg and Hefty. I tried to eat and read my book but I kept getting attacked by fire ants. I moved from place to place unable to avoid them and just finally gave up. Meg came and wanted to hang out to and she was getting bit by the damn ants as well. They’re horrible things. WHY? It’s hard when all you want is to relax in shade for a bit but can’t relax. There’s many times on the trail you wonder what you ever did to make it hate you. Soon Hefty came and the 4 of us headed on to our campsite at a creek just a few miles out from Kennedy Meadows. As we walked we got to see and walk right next to the heavy flowing South Fork of the Kern River. The photo does it no justice it was raging. I thought we may have to cross it and there was no way….luckily we didn’t have to we just walk along it. But it makes me nervous for the Sierras how do you know when it’s too strong to cross? Well we kept hiking trying to find a flat space and finally found one right next to the creek. It was actually a surprisingly beautiful campsite. I learned today I love hiking alone but ❤️ camping with friends. Tomorrow…Kennedy Meadows..700 miles…..the end of the desert… 



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