PCT Day 40-42

Day 40-42: just a few mile walk to KM! Such a big milestone. Me, Hefty, and Meg all went in together. We walked to road up to the store and were surprised by the warm welcoming of all the cheers and claps from the other hikers on the deck. We ended up staying a couple of days. There’s free camping behind the store that we all piled into. Stats came a little later everyone was there at some point. Tapeworm, Freckles, Tim,Dash, Em, Lou, Emi, Russ, Strider, Hummingbird, Meatbolt, and gosh so many more amazing people. It was so fun to hang with them. We went to Grumpys each morning and ate the biggest pancakes ever!!! (The pic is from the web not my meal) and they have the best hash browns ever! Spent an evening there too with the dj dancing and singing good country music. The most memorable though was one night in camp. So an ongoing joke with the hikers is about people with their thermarest mattresses that make so much noise! You can hear when they’re blowing them up, all night you hear them rustle around on the mattress, and in the morning you know when they’re getting up because you can hear them open the air. Well In camp H-bird, Meatbolt, and Snorkel came in all giggly. Then Tapeworm heard Stats moving around on his mattress and started laughing. Idk how to describe his amazing laugh but one by one we all started laughing with him. We’d get annoyed then find ourselves laughing along. We couldn’t stop. There was about 10 of us cracking up for no reason and it went on about 30 min. Literally my favorite moment of the entire trail.



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