PCT Day 43

Day 43 I hate saying goodbye to people. Especially in this section I’m so nervous and all I want in the world is for everyone to stay safe. but here we go ready to take on the unknown Sierra’s. Up until this point everything we’ve heard about it has been fear-based. Since the beginning we knew it was a record snowfall year and that the Sierra’s would be very difficult; a majority of people we talk to are skipping the section or planning to come back later when the snow is no longer there. It makes me a bit nervous. I don’t know what to expect or what I’m capable of, but I know I’m always going to give something a shot and then if I can’t do it I’ll try something else. so we left in the afternoon ready to take it on and see how it would go for us. Fear mongering has been intense. “Don’t go into the Sierras you will die!” “Nobody’s made it through yet” Yet there my trail fam and I were, leaving KM and trekking forward. Our packs we’d HEAVY! Mine was 39lbs and I think Meg and Stats were about the same, Hefty’s was like 50! We’re leaving a day later than planned due to a snow storm we saw on the forecast. We didn’t want to be out in it see we waited it out. We hiked 10.5 miles today. And they were hard! When we took off Hefty stayed behind for a bit to deal with troubles from home, me Stats and Meg walked a couple miles to a campground and waited for him there. This is one moment I really realized how much of a family we were. There was no way we were going to keep walking without Hefty. Such a small gesture in a sense, but so big in many others. I ❤️ that we wait for each other. So nice to be with people where I know we have each other’s backs. We found a campsite near some nice flowing water and settled in for the night. The anxiety was building up…tomorrow we hit snow.


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