PCT Day 44

Day 44: started hiking at 5:15am. It was cold but luckily I warmed up pretty quickly. What a day! Wow! So beautiful. Campin at mile 730 tonight. This has been the most beautiful day so far. The views were endlessly impressive and we actually took lots of breaks which I really enjoyed. I’m not really mentally able to walk 6 hours straight anymore so stopping every couple is nice. First we stopped for coffee then our next stop was on some nice rocks looking out into the continuous mountain ranges. Today we made new friends! Marmots! They’re so freaking cute. Today was not too bad snow wise. We did hit some and got to practice self arresting on a slope we found. I should have practiced more, but too late now. You’re supposed to have the whippet in the hand closest to the downhill then when you slide quickly flip onto your belly slamming the ax down into the snow in front of your shoulder while lifting your feet off the ground. Thank goodness my trail fam knows what they’re doing on this. That turn around is kind of hard with a heavy pack on. We also got to butt glissade some today. I felt like a little kid playing in the snow with my friends. ❤️ so much laughter. We ended the day early with a great fire and dinner. And hot cocoa, my new favorite thing. It’s only 7am and I’m in bed because the Sierras means early mornings to try and get as far as possible before the snow gets too soft. The snow isn’t bad when it’s more frozen but once it gets soft you get nowhere fast.


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