PCT Day 45

Day 45 Wow gorgeous views all day but what a long challenging day 20 miles from mile 730 to mile 750. Started hard just due to incline but ended super challenging due too soft snow. Amazing lunch with use of mountains on one side and pines in the lake on the other. my body is so fatigued and drained. I really feel low in calories and I only brought just enough food to get by. this will be a really hard stretch I am praying tomorrow will have a little snow when we got to camp at began to hail and thunder and lightning. We’re on the top of cottonwood pass I think it’s about 11,000 ft elevation which isn’t great for lightning. I was able to find a spot under a tree to put my tent up quickly then stay more blocked from the storm. luckily it stopped after a bit it’s for sure going to be cold night and a rough wake up in the a.m. This is so humbling. Typically these miles are easy, 20 miles, no big deal. But this will be one of the very few high mile days we do through the entire Sierras. At this point from here on we will hike together 24/7. Due to tough navigation, sketchy water crossings, and the toughness and dangers of the snow itself we will stick together.


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