PCT Day 64

Day 64: today was not a good day for me. I literally just woke up in a sour ass mood and it lasted a solid chunk of the day. I ended up going into my own zone and putting the headphones in to listen to music. I wish it wouldn’t have been this way it was such a beautiful day. I’m mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted right now. And just ready to get to Mammoth already. Today we did Silver pass, it wasn’t bad and luckily the snow was perfect for the way down it was soft and you could kind of run/slide down it which was nice. Walked along a creek for awhile today and in and out and all around all the trees. I don’t think I can really explain how horrible being in the forest was in the snow. There’s no direct route to go, and you just go around and between tons of trees and up and down a million snow bumps. Me, Freckles, Tim, Stats, and Scotty split from the group and hiked further on to get within 5 miles of Mammoth. We caught up to the Israeli guys and their French guy and all camped near each other. There wasn’t a large dry spot available so we were all a little separated. Although I was in a bad mood, I’m very grateful for these people. Meg and Freckles really helped me through the day by forcing me into conversations and not just allowing me to pout by myself. And actually I enjoyed the last bit to our camp site. I felt tired but had a rush to know we’re almost to town. we finished with a creek crossing and camped right there by the creek. It was cold that’s for sure. And tonight I made probably my largest meal of the trek. I mixed a potato pack, knorr Spanish rice, and dehydrated refried beans together and ate that in tortillas with hot sauce. Hot damn it was good. But this also last me for breakfast and I still had a decent amount left. Waaaayyyy too much food.



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