PCT Day 77

Day 77: It was so nice to sleep in today! Even though that doesn’t really mean much I still woke up crazy early. But it was nice to just be able to keep laying in my sleeping bag and tent with no rush to get up. Casey, the owner of Sonora Resupply, was there to get people their food packages. It’s a really cool idea. Hikers can order food boxes to be delivered here so they don’t have to go into town. You can choose whatever foods you want and the price really isn’t that bad on most things. I didn’t get a box but some of our group did. Anyways he was there and let us cook up some pancakes, eggs, a burger for Scotty. He gave us some donuts and coffee. He was awesome. I did most of the cooking and more hikers came over to eat some too and it only cost us a couple dollars. Then we continued to hang out waiting for Freckles and Tim. Hefty had a couple friends there who came to meet him. Later, while I was off with Scotty trying to find random moments of service and talk to REI about his sleeping pad, Stats sprinted by and yelled “trail magic” we had no idea where he went but we finally found some peeps. Freckles and Tim included. Hobo Joe was there cooking up some magic. Burgers, I made a grilled cheese, he brought beer too. We hung out for a bit then when we headed back to pack up a guy offered some fresh fruit and sourdough bread. He was so cool. He rents out llamas for hikers. Like people who can’t carry their own packs or just want a companion. Really cool. Finally we headed out and maybe it was so hard because I was expecting it to be easy. But we hit snow right away and lost the trail. We ended up going up a bunch of sketchy rocks. Scotty came back down and sort of guided us on where was the safest way to go. Then we got around to the trail and him and Jitterbug were going at it a bit. He was upset with the dangerous route she had taken. But overall it was just a misunderstanding. And I think just a fear based argument. It is so funny how fear can play such a role in people’s emotions. It’s something I already know, but it’s more vivid out here. Even within myself. My tattoo that says love over fear is a big guide for me now. On the walk to camp, which we just did 9 miles, I was following Stats and Jitterbug and we were along a creek and turned left to head up towards the forest. Jitterbug stepped on the snow near and rock and popped right up and over it, then when I tried the snow caved and I post holed down to my hips on my right leg. When I fell my shin scraped the rock and knee hit it really hard. I immediately fell over in pain screaming. I cried and felt the pain as Stats and Jitterbug sprinted over and helped me get out of the hole and checked my leg out. Luckily nothing bad happened it just scared me and hurt really bad. For how I screamed they both immediately thought my trip might be over. I ended up with a cut and a painful knee but I was able to keep going. It was sore for the remainder of the day, but I think it will just be a bad bruise.


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