PCT Day 78

Day 78: Hiked a hard 22 miles today. It was literally all but maybe a mile or 2 uphill. My legs and even arms, from using the trekking poles so much are exhausted. Doing 2 more days of this will be gnarly. Please please just bless us with dry trail soon! I am over this! Shortly before the pass once we had done our last bit of climbing for the day we were at Noble Saddle. A beautiful scenic spot to both sides of the saddle. And we learned there was phone service there. I got to Facetime Brit and although she is having to go through a lot of trouble to come see me in Tahoe she is and OMG I’m so excited! Getting to see her is one of the few things getting me through this current section. I had another emotional day today. Which is probably good because in real life I rarely cry or get emotional. But this is legit the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Not even physically, but mentally. And it’s just because this section is no fun to me. So everyday is like going to your job that you hate. Where time and work just drags on and there’s no passion there. I mean it comes in waves but overall all this snow has made me dislike this trail and this experience. But I know I will never quit, because just thinking about it already brings me feelings of regret. I have to keep going. It will be worth it, I know it will. Tonight we are camping at Hwy 4 at Ebbetts Pass. *i have no idea what day these pics are from so they are not accurate to today’s journal.



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