PCT Day 79

Day 79: So a couple of nights ago before we got to camp we had to hike a pretty sketchy area. We were walking on snow on a slope that lead right down into some raging water. I remember Freckles and I being pretty sketched out and frustrated with the position we were in. Spikes on definitely helped but it’s still scary. And someone lost a trekking pole or something and Scotty had to go down to retrieve it. But today was another day filled with sketchiness. I had multiple falls today. I twisted my ankle and landed really hard directly onto my right hip. The trail is completely beating me at the moment. And I have again multiple thoughts of quitting. (I haven’t realized until writing these posts how often I thought of leaving the trail) we hiked 22-23 miles today and there was a specific section of trail that went up onto a high ridge, but it looked really sketchy so we thought that going lower along rocks would be a better bet. But it was 100% more dangerous than going to the ridge. The rocks were really unstable and slippery. It was rough because there’s no self arresting on rocks. On snow at least we had the gear for it. There was a part where the snow was over some rocks but there was a space between the rocks and the snow where you could slip under and keep sliding. And I slipped, and my water bottle lost its life. But luckily I didn’t. But when I slipped the water bottle fell out of my bag and slid down the rocks under the snow to never be found again. We probably walked only ..5 miles in an hour. After that sketchiness we had to climb way back up to where the trail actually is. Through rocks and holding onto twigs and small things to pull ourselves up. It was so hard. But fucking finally Scotty yelled trail and it was just ahead. Once we got over the pass and we’re heading down is when I had my next fall. And one where for the moments I was sliding I literally thought my life was over. One the slope walking I was just following steps and didn’t really look down to see what was below but then I slipped. I tried to slam my whippet a couple of times in the snow but kept sliding. And I just kept yelling “fuck, fuck, fuck” I looked up at Scotty as I slid and he could do nothing but watch. I finally was stopped. By some trees. Whew. I should have clearly practiced self arresting much more. Because trying to just slam it into the snow doesn’t work at all. I got lucky. Idk what would have happened if those trees weren’t there. But they were so ill just focus on that for now. 👏🏽. I was so happy for this day to be done. And tomorrow we get to South Lake. We will be there on the 4th and Brit comes the next day!!!! I’m excited, but need to just focus on getting there. My body and mind are done, my fall on my hip has caused a lot of pain even into my jaw. I need a damn break, and for this snow to go away. Forever.



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