Day 84-86

Day 84-86. 15 miles to Donnor Pass!!! I’m so excited. I get to see my friend Chris, who will be picking me up and taking me to stay with her in Tahoe City. The unfortunate part is that we’re all splitting. Tim and Freckles are going to a house whom they got connected to through a friend. But overall I’m just happy to get to go be alone for a couple of days. Today was a little weird. Lots of dry spots, but also some steep and gnarly snow fields. Coming down from Squaw was no easy task. As much as the guys make it seem like it is. I was still happy to have my spikes at this point. The snow was pretty slush so I don’t think they really help much they just give me a bit more confidence. The view from Squaw though was pretty fucking epic. I can see why so many people come here to ski/snowboard. We continued walking trying to maintain a good pace, since we had fairly specific times we had told people to get us. We had one last snow slope crossing. And it was waaaaay up there. We saw some footsteps but I stayed on the rocks to the side as long as I could. Then when we hit the level of the footprints. We saw beer! Dig down into the snow haha! No better way to keep em cold. I decide to wait and drink mine on the other side of the slope. I’m already horrible at walking on this stuff I don’t need to do it with any sort of buzz. So we cross, and we’re all fine! And stop on the other side to drink our beers and eat some snacks. Freckles eating her massive bag of jelly beans. It’s funny I’ve never really been a fan, but these ones tasted pretty good. And you could mix them to make fun things. Like a pineapple one and coconut and bam you have a pina colada in your mouth. Or chocolate and coffee….mocha. So good. It’s obvious now how little it takes to please a hiker. We walk into Donnor and after waiting just a couple of minutes, Tim and Freckles ride shows up in her Jeep to get them. I give them hugs and then Chris pulls up!!!! So exciting!!! Now we all head off onto our destinations. Chris’s Place is so epic! Right on the water, with a deck leading into the lake. It was heaven for these couple of days. I got so spoiled. Super delicious meals, beach time, sunset boat rides, getting to lay and watch movies while eating peanut butter, Oreos, and ice cream. I got to spend time with her and her family and it was great. She is my ultimate PCT trail angel for many reasons. 1) obviously for getting me and letting me stay here, and taking care of me 2) for getting my food for the next resupply 3) for being a HUGE reason I’m even out here in the first place. I know Chris from home in Marin and when I first said I wanted to do the PCT she was so excited and said how she had always wanted to do it. When I thought about maybe delaying another year or 2 I had remembered her saying to me to just go and do it NOW. When I have the time and can do it. Otherwise things keep coming up and before you know it, you never did it. Knowing how much she loves hiking and the trail, I can honestly say that I feel like I am doing this trail for her, as also for myself. It really makes me sit and appreciate this experience. For the moments I’ve been in good and bad. And for those that will come. This is something very few people get to do, and I am one of them. It’s easy to get just caught up in the everyday monotony of hiking and forget about what you’re actually accomplishing. Like I’ve literally almost walked all the way through CA. That’s insane! I’m freaking proud of myself.



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