PCT Day 87

Day 87- left Tahoe mid morning after dealing with some madness at the post office. I sent myself ahead a ton of bars because I have far too many. I was eager yet a little nervous to get back out. Tom and Freckles had headed out yesterday and Scotty also is on a different schedule so for the first time since the desert. I will be hiking alone. The first part of the hike I absolutely loved. Lots of rocks and forestry vibes and also a lot of cool people out dayhiking. But that only lasted a few miles. Hiking flew by today, I blasted through 22 miles and even navigated myself Good through snow! It wasn’t a lot, but some was through trees and got confusing. And I basically just trusted my instincts and they were right. And looked at my topo map once to see where I could cut trail due to snow and I successfully did that. I was proud of myself. I never thought I could do it, but in the Sierras I didn’t have to. Other people who were really good at navigating did it. But now that I’m alone, I know I can actually do it. I met Silverfox today, he mentioned he was impressed by my hiking speed as I blazed down the trail. Benefits of the Sierras I guess. I sat and ate a quick lunch where he then passed me but I didn’t stay long. For one I don’t like long breaks and 2 the mosquitoes wouldn’t quit buzzing around me. So I hiked with Silverfox. He left the trail for a short bit and just came back. To find camp I couldn’t really settle anywhere. I saw a couple ok spots but wasn’t ready to stop hiking. Then I’d be surrounded by hills so those were no good. Finally I found a small open meadow. It had water nearby and i felt a little safer in the open. I’m super nervous for bears here. I know Tahoe has a ton of them and they’re not shy. I ate my dinner alone, feeling quite strange that I had nobody to talk to. And then basically I got the worst sleep of my life. Deer were coming around my tent all night. But I didn’t know they were deer. I automatically assume BEAR. I had my headlamp on my head all night ready to turn on and my whistle in my hand. I barely slept 90 minutes all night. This is no fun……I’m freaking myself out big time.



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