PCT Day 102

Day 102: We woke up in the morning and enjoyed breakfast together at the campsite slowly getting our stuff ready for another day of hiking. Once we were almost all packed up Tim had realized he has lost his GoPro. Which totally sucks!!!! So instead of meeting the trail near the campsite we decided to back track taking the route they arrived through last night. We met a nice couple who was camping nearby and chatted for a bit then headed on down the road. Legit, right where the trial met the road, Scotty spotted the GoPro. Just laying right on the trail! What a relief!!! There’s a video of right after we found it. We had a looong uphill ahead of us. I was hoping to get a lot of miles in today to make it to the beautiful Porcupine Lake, but overall we only did 23. But it was a long ass day. The uphill was no joke, it was over 5,000ft. A pretty steep climb paired with a lot of sun exposure. I just pushed through it. I knew about 13 miles in for the day was a creek where I planned to stop and eat lunch. It was basically right after the uphill. I sat there for 2.5 hours waiting for everyone. After about an hour and a half Scotty showed up and he sat with me and waited. Soon 2 girls, section hiking showed up. We all chatted for a bit. Then Daddy Longlegs, El Tigre, and Quill showed up. They are the group of guys who hung out with my friend Halle and I right after Sierra City when she came to do trail magic. It was a freakin party! Not in any actual “party” sense other than it being a group of people. We were all hot and wiped and kept discussing how today randomly felt really freaking hard. A bit later Tim and Freckles came and soon after we headed back out. I knew now it was going to be a late night. After a bit we decided to stop and eat dinner, then hike on. That way we can hike into dark and it’s no big deal. While we were eating we see a girl and her dog walk up. And the biggest pack I have ever seen in my life. Her name is Emily, she is 24 and from Minnesota, her dog is Taz and she is an Egyptian Pharaoh Hound, I guess. Super cute. We chat with her a bit absolutely amazed she made it up that gnarly uphill with that pack. She is apparently hiking about 5 – [ ] miles a day. The heat doesn’t allow Taz to walk much during the day so they do evening walking. She was quite disoriented and nervous when we saw her. She had some older maps in a book that weren’t accurate and while she thought she was near to a water and campsite, we were still 3.6 miles away. Right away we decided we would stay with her and help her out. We had some extra water for her and wouldn’t leave here until she found water and camp. Today she will hike her longest day so far, 9 miles!!! It was actually such a blessing even for us. She is so kind and I would be lying if I wasn’t mesmerized by the beauty of the stars and the sky as we were walking. We all took turns carrying her pack. It weighed about 70lbs. Had thick leather shoulder straps and no hip belts. Idk how in the hell she has carried this thing! What a beast. Tim went first and carried it for an impressive amount of time. Then Freckles and I split the remainder the distance. It was brutal. You had to carry it almost fully bent over and it wrecked your shoulders. Finally at 11pm we made it to a campsite, near a dirt road with a short climb down to some water. Whew. Today was rare, but so beautiful and I’m very grateful for every bit of it. But I wish I had the super cute group pic of us all. But with my phone, it is gone. 😢



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