PCT Day 111

Day 111: Got up and going pretty early this morning as we have 26 miles to walk to get to Callahan’s where we will then hitch into Ashland. I am so stoked for Ashland. It’s been one of my favorite towns that I’ve visited before. Shortly into the walk I passed an old cabin, where apparently there had been some sandwich trail magic before. But none here now 😢. During so much of this journey I choose spots where I would want to do trail magic. And at the dirt road where I camped last night is a big one. No great views, but to finally enter Oregon is a massive deal and deserves to be celebrated. It’s so crazy to see the shift in scenery so quickly. The ridges opened up into beautiful hills covered in different wild flowers. I couldn’t stop staring down the valleys at all the colors and beauty that I was surrounded by. I stopped on one of the ridges to eat lunch, mainly just to enjoy the view. Freckles and Tim caught up with me there. They had planned to keep walking but stopped and hung out with Me. Then off we went. We jammed out to music and strutted quickly along. Walking past an old inn for the Mt. Ashland ski area. We got some water from the spigot there before continuing on. Following Freckles for this last bit today and she is crushing her. We were walking so stinking fast! I loved it. Soon we hit the dirt road with a sign that would lead us into the direction of Callehans lodge. The trail was such a different feeling than the PCT. Weird how a trail has a feeling you can just instantly notice. We walked past an old railroad onto the street where we went under the highway to the lodge. On the way though we were literally standing talking, like not moving, and all the sudden I was on the ground. It was hysterical. I somehow fell just standing….and I thought I was athletic. We walked in and it’s so funny because Callahan’s is fancy there was live music and even a wedding party happening. But they love us hikers and treat us well. We get a free beer! So since we had waited forever for a hitch with no success….which was brutal because it was insanely hot and there was no shade for us to crash in. Tim ended up calling his friend Glen, whose house we are staying at, and he was able to come get us when he was off work. So while we waited we drank and beer. Glen came and that was all she wrote. The magic of Ashland began then, and I would spend the next 5 days there, also on the way to Callahans it rained a little on us and we got some trail magic, which was just crappy soda, but hey who cares!



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