PCT Day 118

Day 118: I was ready to hike a good day today. Started off at a decent time in the morning and soon caught up to everyone. I’m not too sure I remember why I was behind, but I caught up because there was a pit toilet. Which generally means, mandatory bathroom break. The day consisted of a lot of forest time and crossing of dirt roads. Which kind of seems to be a theme some days. I ended up hiking 33 miles in 10.5 hours. I stopped only for a quick 30 minute lunch break. My energy has been so good and positive today. I saw such beauty and peace in many things. I just felt really free. On the walk I listened to Homecoming, a podcast Dash has gotten us all into. I got into camp at the South Brown Mountain Shelter pretty early. It was a cool spot. Just a shelter, you could sleep in, a picnic table, then lots of camping around it. I saw on Guthooks that there was a water cache and trail magic 200m up trail and headed there to fill my water. I was there when Dawn, the trail angel, was dropping off more goodies. She was amazing. She had sodas for us. And water. And then gave me a bunch of fresh fruit. I took some stuff back to camp. Then I just laid and stretched and practiced some handstands. Just to move and do something other than walk. I always have loved getting upside down. After a bit people started creeping in, including Em and Lou, Tim and Freckles, Dash, Megan, and Simon…I think. But am pretty sure! It was a good time chatting with everyone and catching up even more after we had all been apart for quite a bit after Yosemite.


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