PCT Day 148

Day 148: We woke as the sun was coming up and took our time packing and leaving. We realized the doors to the buildings were unlocked…?. We went in and got some water from the sink then packed up stopping at the parking lot for bathroom breaks just a few seconds later. We had to cross the highway then head to the nearby trailhead. It had been raining so everything was wet and the trail had a bit of overgrowth coming into it which gave you the sense of being in a car wash. Things wiping their water onto you. The scenery was really cool. Going in between narrows paths of rocks and thru lush greenery. Ended up hiking 25 miles and they felt super cruisey. I almost kept going. I stopped for lunch at Grizzly Peak. It was like a beautiful prairie. There were yellow wild flowers all around and tall green grass accompanied by some epic views. I laid there for a bit, eating and just relaxing. And packing up to leave shortly after L-Train arrived and then Hefty. I wanted to stay but had been sitting long enough that I was antsy to get going again. The trail opened up for a bit in the downhill which I loved. Shortly before the day ended the trail walked near Pear Lake where I saw a good chunk of other hikers setting up camp. Camping a few more miles up at Pass Creek. I got there early evening and immediately was cold so I got out my sleeping stuff and put my warm clothes on while I read. It’s been chilly all day. I have barely drank any water. There were 2 other female hikers camping just behind me on the trail, and I heard them tell my group where I was. Soon they all came and there we were again snuggled next to each other under the trees with the sound of water flowing nearby. So while the desert may be known for rattle snakes, NorCal is bears, Oregon…..well idk, Washington is known for little tiny mice. They like to start some shit. I know people who have woke up to them all over their tent, eating their food, chewing through their packs, etc. so it’s slightly risky to be cowboy camping. L-Train has had the most issues with them. I think I hear them sometimes but just fall back asleep. But tonight we have seen a couple and spotting the Hole they’re popping out of. We joke that when Meg feels them on her hair it’s just because they’re trying to do her hair. In nice tiny corn rows 😂



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