PCT Day 149

Day 149: Hiked 26.5 miles today that consisted of lots of uphill. My legs were super fatigued and I’m pretty sure it’s because I drank little to no water yesterday. So even though it’s not too warm I really tried to make sure I drank plenty today. The morning began with a slight uphill and passing Lake Sally Ann. A small but pretty lake. The trail was AMAZINg today. Getting into Glacier Peak Wilderness brought us into a beautiful canyon with so many colors. And so much of today was again just open. And not under trees with no views. I loooove being back to the mountain ridge lines. Later in the day I saw Crocs! Then as I kept walking I saw Sante! I love knowing that I’ll get to see them again before the trail is over. I walked with Sante for a bit as we hopped and walked over multiple creeks. And went up and over lots of downed trees. Sante does shit like a pro and looks like he’s having so much fun with it. Got into camp at about 5 and just relaxed and stretched and listened to Nahko. We are camping at a dope site in between 2 streams out on a ledge of a small jump above the trail that looks out at the beautiful mountains. I know I’ve said it many times, but this is one of my favorite campsites. The sunset was so stinking beautiful. It was funny to see everyone get in after me too, as I felt the exact same way. But the camp had a pretty small but very steep uphill to it and once everyone walked up it…they just looked tired and over it. Same! We laughed all night chatting while watching the sunset. It was so pink and the mountains went dark, just becoming shadows along the sky. I am so grateful to not be camping in the forest! It kind of depressed me. In 2 days we reach Steheiken. The last town on the trail. I don’t know what to think….can’t believe I have under a week left of being on the trail. 💤



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