PCT Day 150

Day 150- The next morning while eating breakfast Freckles started a game for us about what the mountain peaks look like. A man with a big nose, or boobs, or whatever ridiculous things each of us threw out. It was really fun. Like looking up at the clouds as kids. I didn’t want to leave our spot. It was so pretty and it was cold so my sleeping bag just felt kind of like heaven. Hefty was always my favorite to see in the morning because his hood to his bag was always up and pulled tight and he was all the way in his bag curled up. It just looked funny. Today we all hiked together. As much as I like hiking solo, it’s always fun to switch it up and go with my fam. First stop of the day was at Mica Lake, an insanely beautiful glacial lake surrounded by rock covered mountains. A man and daughter had told me about it a few nights ago and it was spectacular. We all decided to go skinny dipping. I went before everyone got there it was just me, Tim, and Freckles. And we did it jokingly as a show, stripping down right in front of each other and jumping into the ice cold lake. It was so funny to watch everyone get out of the rock to jump but not want to for a bit. Plus it wasn’t super warm out so getting warm after getting in wasn’t easy. Thanks to a little wind. Dash didn’t jump in though. He is having a hard time dealing with the trail ending. It’s really sad, all of it. Him and Tim took off together to chat it off I think while the girls did some fun chit chat if our own. We headed down some switch backs. Across some Milky Creeks , Then we hiked up the big uphill that we all expected to be crazy hard, but ended up being chill. It was about 2600ft I think in about 4.5 miles. We all hiked this part alone. Just tuning into podcasts or music making the work easier for ourselves. We had lunch on a great outcroping looking far out into the distance. I am so going to miss all of these moments! We siestad for a bit while everyone trickled in and ate lunch. Then we headed to the junction to take the old PCT. Dash had told us that Carrot Quinn, from the book, had done it and said it was one of her favorite parts of the trail. Not sure why though….it was cool but nothing amazing Just under trees the whole time with lots of downed trees on the trail. Which is actually kind of fun to crawl up and over sometimes. But we all just chatted while we went keeping it mellow. Then we hit the big creek we had to cross that was raging. We had to search for a log of a bit. Walking through a weird mix of big rocks and thick sand. We found some logs but it was kind of sketchy. There were multiple, like 3 separate sections, you had to cross to get to the other side. Some of the logs were thing, some were at angles. It just wasn’t the easiest crossing….plus when you got to the other side you had to get up to a flat spot by walking along a narrow ridge then up a steep slippery slope. But as usual we all made it safely. Thank goodness. Poor Freckles got freaked though, totally understandable. I’m over this kind of stuff too. Then we basically had to Bush wack up a big hill to get to the trail. I kept getting my hair caught in tree branches. But it was an adventure. Then the trail was there and we had just about a .5 mile walk to our campsite. There were some others there, but it was a nice spot near flowing water. The only bad part was is the lack of places to go to the restroom. But once again, night after night, here I lay. Snuggled between my best friends!



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