PCT Day 151

Day 151- Steheiken is today! It’s a small well spoken of town that sits on Lake Chelan and is known for their amazing bakery. We woke up in the morning and before heading out, Tim asked me to run into Steheiken, catch the bus and call his friend Julia who will be bringing an engagement ring for him to use at the northern terminus. I took a picture of her contact info. I like a challenge so I agreed and took off. I didn’t have too long so I booked it, and decided I wanted to try and make the 3pm bus so literally ran, I left at about 7:45am. There was a decent uphill to begin the day that opened up to beautiful views of a mountain with a cloud hanging over the top. But no time to stop and look, I had to go. The trail was nice around here though. Lush and green. I couldn’t help but think as I ran though that I should try and memorize Julia’s number just in case something happens. But I don’t I just keep running. I run past other hikers between tall grass on the trail, as they tell me it won’t be possible to make the 3pm bus. But I just smiled and kept running. My pack bouncing up and down on my back. I didn’t even think of stopping to eat. I only had a couple of bars left that were in my hip pockets. But the adrenaline and rush from running kept me from getting hungry. The trail remained really mellow after the initial uphill, with some good bits of downhill which helped me move faster. The last I checked my phone I had 13.2 miles left and just 3 hours to get there. It wasn’t going to be easy but I felt I could do it. Soon I passed a guy out doing trail maintenance. We chatted for a second before I started running again. Always important to me to be able to thank anyone who is helping the trail. Because of them I’m able to do what I’m doing. So running I was now into more of a forest setting. Staying under trees, running near creeks, some log hopping from downed trees. I passed one of the hikers from Korea who hiked with Crocs. I said hi as I ran by and he giggled at me. Not too many miles later I realized I had lost my phone somewhere. I dropped my pack and jogged slowly back tracking the trail. Assuming I dropped it as I was hopping up and over a log, which had happened before. But I didn’t see it anywhere. So I kept running back. Almost a mile about. And nothing. I knew now I wouldn’t make it to the bus if I kept looking. So I ran back to my pack picked it up, a bit pissed and stressed and kept going. I passed a number of other hikers, including Monarch. I explained what happened and told them if they find my phone to hand it to my trail fam as they passed. So I kept going not knowing if it would be found. And not knowing how I was going to contact Julia. I soon asked someone how much further I had to go, about 8 miles. And I knew I was no longer going to make it. So I slowed down. I was tired anyways. The trail was going up and down and around which was fun to run, but it was nice to walk. As I walked I kept thinking of ways to contact Julia. Like borrow a cell phone, hope she’s on FB and look at Tim and Freckles friend list to message her. Or contact Glen, who we stayed with in Ashland, who knows Julia and see if he can get me her number. The trail was amazing during this time though. Passing along water and lots of plant life. And finally I hit the road, that led about .3 miles or so down to where I can get the shuttle. I get there at 3:30. So I would have made it if it weren’t for losing my phone. So now I have to wait until the 6:30 bus. While I waited I ate what food I had left. I met a really awesome couple who worked at the local bakery and they gave me a beer. Offering a ride if they had more than a motorcycle. They were so kind and generous. I was doing my best not to get down. My phone had every pic I had taken on the PCT and none were backed up. I’m praying someone finds it. Not only that now I have to just sit and wait, and everyone in my group ends up making it anyways so it made it totally pointless to even run and lose my phone. Karma you were supposed to be kind to me! So we all loaded on the bus then went and ate dinner. Tim took off to call Julia, and told Freckles he went to run and watch the sunset. Haha. We enjoyed boxed wine on the lawn before bed that night and looked very much forward to enjoying the famous Steheiken bakery in the morning.



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