PCT Day 152

Day 152- Nice day in Steheiken got up and showered and headed to the famous bakery. It did not disappoint! I had a massive cinnamon roll and a sticky bun and an egg sandwich. The place had such a cool vibe. So much good food and people. It was a great place to chill for a bit and we did. Before leaving I bought a veggie pizza for lunch. I have been able to have so many good conversations with Meg and Freckles lately. They’re so wise and it’s great to be surrounded by such strong like minded women. We left the bakery, Dash and Hefty stayed to play a like 5 hour chess match. Tim and Freckles rented bikes and ended up going to a local farm and got some of the best cheese I’ve ever eaten in my life! We all hung out by the water watching supplies get unloaded from a boat, waiting for our clothes to dry and the late afternoon bus to take us back to the trail. Since you have to get permits for specific campsites we knew we were only walking 5 miles so there was no need to rush out of town. I have asked everyone around if they’ve seen my phone. Nobody has. I even made a sign and left it at the store as I’m hoping someone sees it and contacts me. Tim had worked out all the engagement ring details with Julia. So that was done! And then before I knew it we were saying goodbye to our favorite town and going back to the trail. For our last few days. 😢The 5 miles weren’t anything crazy. It was a small uphill then steadied out. It was getting darker and darker as we walked though. Soon I had to be really careful to watch and not trip over rocks. As we approached camp the sun was barely still peaking through. We ate our dinners, Tim and Freckles was the best. They ate on a stump that was their table, they had their bread and cheese from the farm, pasta, and wine. Super fancy!!! I can’t help but be pretty sad right now. As of this moment we have less than 80 miles of trail left. So crazy for it to be ending. What will happen to me?…to all of us after?… I don’t even like thinking about it. I’ve never been happier in my life than I have been on this trip. So my goal the next couple days is to remain as present as possible and not let my fears of what may be coming keep me from truly experiencing these last moments.



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