PCT Day 154

Day 154- last full day of just the trail today. I’m getting sad even re-writing this knowing it’s all over. Waking up in the morning wasn’t fun. Well I can’t say I woke up since I didn’t really ever fall asleep. But the actual act of getting up out of the bag was horrible. So we didn’t for awhile. We hung out and made coffee. And breakfast. There was frost all over our sleeping bags. L-Train told me her journal said that Dash and I were grumpy from not sleeping 😂. I remember Dash staying in his sleeping bag and hopping over to freckles and Tim to snuggle and get food. The entire day was cold. I don’t recall ever taking my puffy jacket off. I loooooved the views today. Lots of big long switch backs along the side of the mountains that left us with beautiful views. We hiked near each other the whole day since it was our last full day we wanted to spend it together. We passed Windy Pass and Foggy Pass which were both pretty good descriptions of the weather that day. Actually it wasn’t too windy just really cold when the breeze came by. One of the small uphills that was supposed to be nothing was actually pretty tough. Our bodies I think know that were almost done and are deciding to already start shutting down. So lots of little aches and pains have been popping up. My Achilles are all tight again all of the time. And my legs just fatigued and always slightly achey. At the top of one of the hills we stopped for an epic lunch. The view was unreal, the mountain peaks in WA along with the greenery just set for amazing views. And our trail fam was joined by more of our fam for lunch today. Javalou and Sante! Which was so nice. It was nice to see them again before the end. On the trail we played What are The odds quite a bit. Tim once lost and had to wear And1 sandals we found on trail hiking. Dash has to go see IT with us, and he hates scary movies. And there were others, it was always so fun when someone lost! And today Dash lost again. He was asked what are the odds you would shot some mayo. And he lost, so he lifted the bottle up over his mouth as he squeezed and…well there’s a video to show it. Gross hahaha. So freaking funny. It gave us all a really good laugh. As we continued walking for the afternoon we would sometimes drift slightly apart, then wait for each other at a point. Or just walk with others in the fam and chat. It was a good day for sure. All of us, I think, unable to really believe that it’s all ending. We hit Hart’s Pass together, which is the point where if you don’t have an entry permit into Canada you hike back here to get a hitch. Luckily, none of us will be having to do it. But a lot of hikers do. We came across a small creek and campsite hidden in trees around dinner so we stopped to eat but planned to keep hiking a bit. We were trying to block the wind within the trees and it semi helped. But dinner was pretty short because it was just too cold to keep sitting. So back on the trail we went. Heading uphill a little bit towards camp. I think we ended up camping at Rock Pass? It was getting dark and we found a nice large campsite to our left. We all laid really close to each other this night praying for more warmth. I remember actually being nervous before bed wondering if I’d be having another sleepless night. But i fell asleep looking at the constellations 🌌 above me. That has always brought me so much peace.



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